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Trying to apply for your Medicare and SSA offices are closed?

Due to the current situation, Social Security Offices have been closed for in-person appointments since March 17th. Their secure online service is still available at

If you are getting ready to apply for Medicare and you will be receiving your Part A and Part B at the same time you will typically be able to apply online at the Social Security website above.

If you have delayed your Part B because of employer coverage or another reason, you would typically have needed to go to the Social Security Office in-person. So what do you do now they are closed?

You will want to call your local SSA office, not the national phone number. You can find your local office by following this link

You will need an application and possibly an employer coverage form if you are leaving your employer coverage. These can be found online through SSA's website. The local office will then provide you with a mailing address to mail the forms in.

If you need any additional information and are confused about what to do after you apply please reach out to our team here at Hazen Senior Solutions.


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