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Medicare Coverage

The Other Way

On Your Own
Overwhelming info and you may miss important details
National Agent
Unfamiliar with your Area
Faceless Agent on the Phone
No local support
Fly-by-Night Agent
No support after helping you enroll
Agent Only Represents One Insurance Company
Limited Options that may not fit you

There is a Better Way

Hazen Senior Solutions Logo

Medicare Coverage

You Are Not Alone
We use 10+ years of combined experience in Medicare. We make sure you know the details.
We Are Local and Family-Owned
We live and work in your area and we can support you locally. 
Independent Advocate
When things go wrong we are there locally to resolve issues.
We Represent Many Insurance Companies
We help find the best plan for you and not the best for us.  

Your Complete Solution

At No Cost 

1. We Get to Know You

We want to get to know you and your situation. Are you working or retiring? Are you new to Medicare or do you want to find a better solution? 

What is important to you?

2. Research and Enroll

We do all the heavy lifting. Since we represent many companies and we are local, we can offer choices based on your needs and situation. We then help you enroll and do all the paperwork. YAY!

3. After Enrollment Support

Our work doesn't stop with your enrollment in a plan. We support you during the year with any questions or concerns you may have and review your needs yearly.

We are here for you.

Grandma and Grandchild, Hazen Senior Client Support

Client Support

Plans don't always work out. When you have an issue, we are there for you as your independent Advocate.

- Billing Issues

- Finding Doctors In-Network

- Checking on Prescription Coverage

- and more...

New to Medicare?

Join us for our "Welcome to Medicare" Intro Meeting

At No Cost to you

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